Scope of Services 

An unconditional ally 

(or better yet, a team of unconditional allies)

Free consultation

We will have one initial phone or in-person consultation to

determine whether we will work well together.

Before your labor 

We will have two prenatal visits, typically in your home,
where we get to know each other and decide how to best support you. I help you create your birth plan, as well as provide guidance about birthing and laboring techniques.

I offer unlimited phone and email communication.

I am officially on call 24/7 two weeks before your due date, and remain on call until your labor. You can call day or night, when you believe that labor is beginning.  

During your labor and delivery

I help you understand the process as it unfolds so you are
able to make informed decisions. 

I support you in communicating your needs and fears.

I provide physical and emotional support for you and your

To help you through any pain or discomfort, I offer
breathing techniques, visualizations, massage and different laboring positions. 

After Delivery

After delivery, I will stay one to two hours to help you
establish breastfeeding and to provide any other support needed.

I will provide a postpartum visit approximately one week
after your birth to see how you and baby are doing, answer questions about your birth process, and work with you on breastfeeding.  I also offer extended breastfeeding support for an additional fee.

Please let me know if you would like additional postpartum visits, which I will provide at an hourly rate to my birth clients. 



fearlessly surrender to your birthing power