Lindsey Stern Beallo, Birth Doula 

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I’m here to help you achieve your vision as you give birth to yourself as a mother. Before I even knew what a doula was, I supported my sister through the birth of her two children. I had an amazing doula who supported me and my “village” (my husband, my sister and my cousin) during my own labor and birth.  After the arrival of our first child, I felt like I had been on a vision quest into motherhood. I became obsessed with helping my pregnant friends visualize, create, and achieve the birth experiences they envisioned.

I'm now a mom again after becoming a birth doula in 2013, and am so excited to know personally the community resources that are available to expecting mamas.  With an infant girl and a wild child four year old boy, I'm back to birth work - and taking limited clients.  

In our modern culture, we have lost the celebration of so many rites of passage. I am passionate about helping women honor their births as the great transformational events they are. 


My philosophy – To empower you to give birth your way 

·      Birth is a natural, instinctual, and sacred journey.

·      Our bodies were designed for this task.

·      We have the intuition to make the right decisions.

·      Labor and birth are to be celebrated.


I am a DONA Certified Birth Doula. I attended Felicia Roche’s Working Woman Production doula training in Alameda, California, and obtained my CLEC credential (lactation counselor/educator certification) through the University of California, San Diego. I am the Board Chair of the Hatch Community, a local nonprofit training young doulas. I am a volunteer birth doula with Birthways in Berkeley, California, and also with the Hearts and Hands Program at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center.  I grew up in Berkeley, attended College of the Redwoods in Mendocino, University of Colorado, Boulder, for undergrad (BA Environmental Studies), and Willamette University for law school. 

Photo by Monique Sady

fearlessly surrender to your birthing power